Continuous Improvement System - ABET Accredited BS Program

Metallurgical Engineering SDSM&T Rapid City, SD



2010 Self Study Report

SS Expanded Outline

Notes for Future Reviews

Topic PDF for Publication Ancillary Information
2010 Self Study Report 411 pages



Criteria 1-Students *


Criteria 2-Program Objectives


Criteria 3-Program Outcomes


Criteria 4-Continuous Improvement +

pdf includes pp 4-10 to 4-end

Criteria 5-Curriculum


Criteria 6-Faculty


Criteria 7-Facilities


Criteria 8-Support


Criteria 9-Program Criteria


Appendix-A Syllabi

Individual Course Syllabi

Appendix-B Faculty

Individual Vitae

Appendix-C Laboratory Equipment


Appendix-D Institutional Summary


Appendix-E CIS Info


Appendix-F Glossary of Terms


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