Continuous Improvement System - ABET Accredited B.S. Program

Metallurgical Engineering SDSM&T Rapid City, SD


The Continuous Improvement Process

The process involves two loops

  1. The establishment and evaluation of Program Educational Objectives and
  2. The establishment and evaluation of Program Outcomes believed to be accurate indicators of meeting the Program Educational Objectives.

The Program Outcomes are the "(a)-(k)" items periodically assessed from student work and activities performed before graduation and are thought to be correlated to graduates' achievement of Program Educational Objectives after graduation.

The Program Objectives are periodically assessed using data from alumni and those familiar with their professional and community achievements. These assessments are used to evaluated the achievement of the Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives are established using inputs from Program Constituents.

The assessment and evaluation processes result in periodic Outcome Actions and Objective Actions that are implemented by the faculty and serve as the feedback information needed to improve the process and the meeting of the Program Objectives.