Course Outcome  Instrument Completed By ScoreCard File Name and Link Method When
MET_310  (a)           SelectedHourExam WC 2012_a-MET_310-SelectedHourExam.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_320  (a)           FinalExam MET 2012_a-MET_320-FinalExam.xls 1 (F)
MET_422  (a)           FinalExam MET 2012_a-MET_422-FinalExam.xls 1 (F-even)
MET_465  (a)           FEExam SMH 2012_a-MET_465-FEExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (a)           LocalExam SMH 2012_a-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (a)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_a-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MATH_373  (b)           RegressionAnalysisProblem SMH 2012_b-MATH_373-RegressionAnalysisProblem.xls 1 (S or F)
MET_231  (b)           HardnessandStatisticsLabs FAC 2012_b-MET_231-HardnessandStatisticsLabs.xls 1 (S or F)
MET_440  (b)           HardnessQCLabSim FAC 2012_b-MET_440-HardnessQCLabSim.xls 2 (S-even)
MET_440  (b)           SPCAssignments FAC 2012_b-MET_440-SPCAssignments.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_440  (b)           StatFatigueAnalysis MW 2012_b-MET_440-StatFatigueAnalysis.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (b)           FEExam SMH 2012_b-MET_465-FEExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (b)           LocalExam SMH 2012_b-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (b)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_b-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_465  (c)           DesignFairPresentationEvaluations FAC 2012_c-MET_465-DesignFairPresentationEvaluations.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (c)           FinalDesignReport JK 2012_c-MET_465-FinalDesignReport.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (c)           LocalExam SMH 2012_c-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (c)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_c-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_465  (d)           FinalDesignReport JK 2012_d-MET_465-FinalDesignReport.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (d)           LocalExam SMH 2012_d-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (d)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_d-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_310  (e)           FinalExam(orAllExams) WC 2012_e-MET_310-FinalExam(orAllExams).xls 1 (S-even)
MET_422  (e)           FinalExam(orAllExams) MET 2012_e-MET_422-FinalExam(orAllExams).xls 1 (F-even)
MET_440  (e)           FinalExam(orAllExams) GAC 2012_e-MET_440-FinalExam(orAllExams).xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (e)           FEExam SMH 2012_e-MET_465-FEExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (e)           LocalExam SMH 2012_e-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (e)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_e-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_310  (f)            Ethics&ProfessionalPracticeWritingAssignments NA 2012_f-MET_310-Ethics&ProfessionalPracticeWritingAssignments.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (f)            FEExam SMH 2012_f-MET_465-FEExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (f)            FinalDesignReport JK 2012_f-MET_465-FinalDesignReport.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (f)            LocalExam SMH 2012_f-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (f)            SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_f-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_231  (g)           CharpyImpactLab MW 2012_g-MET_231-CharpyImpactLab.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_310  (g)           StudentChoiceLabReport WC 2012_g-MET_310-StudentChoiceLabReport.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (g)           DesignFairPresentationEvaluations FAC 2012_g-MET_465-DesignFairPresentationEvaluations.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (g)           FinalDesignReport JK 2012_g-MET_465-FinalDesignReport.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (g)           LocalExam SMH 2012_g-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (g)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_g-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_310  (h)           GlobalandSocietalWritingAssign WC 2012_h-MET_310-GlobalandSocietalWritingAssign.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (h)           DesignReportGlobal-SocietalConsiderations JK 2012_h-MET_465-DesignReportGlobal-SocietalConsiderations.xls 1 (S & F)
MET_465  (h)           LocalExam SMH 2012_h-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (h)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_h-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_440  (i)            UpdatedLifelongLearningPlan JK 2012_i-MET_440-UpdatedLifelongLearningPlan.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (i)            LocalExam SMH 2012_i-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (i)            SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_i-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_310  (j)            ContemporaryIssuesWritingAssign WC 2012_j-MET_310-ContemporaryIssuesWritingAssign.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (j)            LocalExam SMH 2012_j-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (j)            SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_j-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
MET_220  (k)           MicrotrackLabReport WC 2012_k-MET_220-MicrotrackLabReport.xls 1 (S)
MET_320  (k)           ThermoCalc SMH 2012_k-MET_320-ThermoCalc.xls 1 (F)
MET_422  (k)           ExcelWorksheet SMH 2012_k-MET_422-ExcelWorksheet.xls 1 (F-even)
MET_440  (k)           CharpyInstrmtdLabReport MW 2012_k-MET_440-CharpyInstrmtdLabReport.xls 1 (S-even)
MET_465  (k)           FEExam SMH 2012_k-MET_465-FEExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (k)           LocalExam SMH 2012_k-MET_465-LocalExam.xls 2 (S & F)
MET_465  (k)           SeniorSurvey SEN 2012_k-MET_465-SeniorSurvey.xls 3 (S & F)
(a) Apply knowledge of math, science, and engineering
(b) Design and Conduct experiments Analyze and interpret data and information
(c) Optimally select material and design materials treatment and production processes
(d) Function well on teams
(e) Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems
(f)  Know professional and ethical responsibilities and practices
(g) Communicate effectively
(h) Know engineering's global societal context
(i)  Engage in life-long learning
(j)  Know contemporary issues
(k) Use engineering techniques, skills, and tools