Continuous Program Improvement - ABET Accredited B.S. Program

Metallurgical Engineering SDSM&T Rapid City, SD

  Assessment Metric Summary  
  Calendar Year 2001  
  Outcome   Description Performance Objective 1 Performance Objective 2 Performance Objective 3 Performance Objective 4        
  a   (a) Apply knowledge of math, science, and engineering Proficient in Fundamental Concepts and Skills Proficient in Theoretical and Practical Relationships Proficient in Basic Science     Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves     3.67 4.33 3.80     Max 3.91  
  78   3.29 3.91 3.49     Ave 3.56  
  12   2.41 3.67 3.00     Min 3.29  
  b   (b) Design and Conduct experiments Analyze and interpret data and information Conducts the design of experiments. Operates equipment and collects data for analysis. Compares results for experimental measurements to the literature and conducts interpretation of results in written reports. Is able to collect global information and to use this information in evaluation and interpretation of laboratory data   Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves     3.00 3.62 3.00 3.00   Max 2.87  
  82   2.85 2.87 2.22 2.53   Ave 2.62  
  11   2.69 2.00 1.00 1.67   Min 2.22  
  c   (c) Optimally select material and design materials treatment and production processes Understand the engineering design process Formulate possible engineering solutions Master the iterative process in engineering design Recognize and observe constraints in engineering design   Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves               Max    
  d   (d) Function well on teams Responsible Participation Interaction Skills Assimilation and Receptiveness Skills     Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves         3.80     Max 3.73  
  8       3.73     Ave 3.73  
  2       3.67     Min 3.73  
  e   (e) Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems Identify Formulate Solve     Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves     4.33 3.67 3.80     Max 3.19  
  93   3.14 3.19 3.16     Ave 3.16  
  10   1.94 2.90 2.00     Min 3.14  
  f   (f) Know professional and ethical responsibilities and practices Carries out responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner Understands basic engineering principles and practices, in terms of professional ethics and behavior       Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves     1.00         Max 1.00  
  9   1.00         Ave 1.00  
  1   1.00         Min 1.00  
  g   (g) Communicate effectively The content of the written or oral presentation is effective. The organization of memorandum and technical reports is consistent with styles accepted by the person’s primary professional engineering society. The design of slides shows an understanding of vision limitation of the audience and the total time the presenter plans to spend on the visual aid during oral presentations.     Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves     4.20 4.20       Max 3.60  
  22   3.43 3.60       Ave 3.52  
  4   2.67 3.00       Min 3.43  
  h   (h) Know engineering's global societal context Has the broad education necessary to understanding impact of engineering solutions in global and societal context Awareness of contemporary state of knowledge and relationship to engineering solutions       Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves               Max    
  I   (i) Engage in life-long learning Ability to adapt to changing technology. Understanding of the need to continually update one's skills and knowledge. Cognitive Level Assessment     Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves               Max    
  j   (j) Know contemporary issues Ability to identify basic problems and contemporary issues in engineering. Application of knowledge of contemporary issues to Metallurgical Engineering       Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves               Max    
  k   (k) Use engineering techniques, skills, and tools Capable of using tools such as Excel, SolidWorks, MathCAD --- Proficient in operating equipment used in the laboratory program such as the MTS machine, rolling mill, hardness tester --- Understands the engineering design method and can apply this method in developing solutions to engineering problems.     Instrument Average  
  #Totals/#Aves     4.78 3.80 4.11     Max 3.19  
  78   3.10 3.19 3.00     Ave 3.10  
  12   1.00 2.43 1.67     Min 3.00